Saturday, February 20, 2010



I was born and grew up in Twin Falls, Idaho. Snow is a bittersweet childhood memory. The sheer joy of playing in the snow, the many snow angels and snow men were a creative delight. I also remember trudging to school everyday in a huge snow suit and clunky snow boots. The snow melting off of the suit and boots making a messy puddle on the school bus and then tracking it into the classroom. My clothes and hair wet for the melted snow and the miserably blissfulness of it all.

Now, years later living in Georgia, I heard it didn't snow in Georgia when I moved here 22 years ago. Well it doesn't, not every year. But I'll tell you, when it does life stands still. To compare living in Idaho vs. Georgia is one huge difference, driving. Idahoians have the equipment and the knowledge therefore life goes on daily in the snow. Georgians do not have either. I get this feeling in my gut when the weather people call out the snow warnings that is not pleasant. The beauty of it is that once it is finally here, I find myself feeling that little girl inside and actually enjoying the snow again.

Here are my pictures of the snow that visited LaGrange, Georgia February 2010.

My house kissed by the snow - the trees in all its beauty - the tallest snowman I can remember ever witnessing, he was at least 10 feet tall!

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  1. Hello, I'm a fellow Georgia resident(near Statesboro), just hopping over from the blog hop! Your snow pics are gorgeous! You are right--Georgians don't know how to drive in the snow! LOL I love your blog design! You should write more--your post is well written! Have a great day! Kathy (from Kathy)

  2. The snowman is wearing an Ace Hardware doesn't get more awesome than that! :)

    The things people come up with during the winter blahs....

  3. Hi from Northern Va, we do get snow most winters and we STILL don't know how to drive!!! Howdy from the blog hop!

  4. Beautiful pics! I'm popping in for the Blog Hop. I'm the opposite of you....went from little snow in ATL, GA to LOTS of snow in Jersey. LOL I remember the city shutting down when we had any snow in ATL.